A Guide to

Satellite Surveillance



Satellite imagery plays a critical role in mass media and framing of political events. But despite the omnipresence of imagery, the satellites themselves remain mysterious and unknown objects. Invisible in the sky, they are surrounded by a mythical aura, reinforced by their highly technical nature and the history of espionage.


A Guide to Satellite Surveillance aims to demystify their presence and gives the obscure objects a tangible representation. A book portrays currently operating high-resolution optical satellites in the context of recent political events, commercial ownership and governmental censorship. Highlighting moments when certain satellites have played a significant role in media, the project addresses the hidden ideologies behind the production of satellite imagery.




'A Guide to Satellite Surveillance' premiered at Dutch Design Week 2016 as a part of Design Academy Eindhoven graduation show. The project was nominated for 'The Best of DDW 2016' and a limited edition was printed on demand. Preview is available here.


The book is an ongoing project, currently in its beta version — and is on the look for collaborators, publishers, and anyone with a shared interest for next edition and wider distribution.







A Guide to Satellite Surveillance

200 pages, 17 x 25 cm hardcover,

NO ISBN (Limited edition)

€ 60



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